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.Thursday, July 07, 2011 ' 3:47 PM Y
baby boy already 8mth old. times flies. sometime i wish time dont pass so fast. have not been blogging for months. Life been so different since baby boy is born. so far i'm getting use to it and enjoying every process with hubby! =) I'm glad hubby is around. He is a SUPER daddy. he can really look after Zaccheus well just like a mother. hehe. Zaccheus have become more n more playful use up all my energy *sweat*

8month old Zaccheus

My darling boy mummy love you so much!<3

Before moving to a new environment went to taiwan and hongkong with hubby. a long holiday which hubby promise me after giving birth to zaccheus. =)
Staring of my new job at 1st i'm so depress i think because everything are new to me and is not accounting anymore. thanks to my gals who lend me ur ear. But now somehow on e track le. =) Just pray everything goes smoothly.

I so want to BAKE. But is so difficult now cos zaccheus take up most of my time.


Lilypie First Birthday tickers 一份簡單的幸福.從你不放開我的手開始..

.Wednesday, March 09, 2011 ' 4:33 PM Y
4mth old zaccheus turning 5mth this month!
Eversince zaccheus is out i got no time for myself. But i'm happy so long he grow up happy and healthy. He have been so talkative and playful. he love people to talk and play with him. if he get tired lying on bed he will start crying want to carry. is very tired carrying him. carry cannot sit some more must walk the whole house. cos he love to look around. haha. tired but exchange his smile n laughter is all worth it. =D

PD say he is a good weight baby weight 8.56kg now. That explain y i'm tired when he want me to carry. He had his first feed of rice cereal and he love it. I think he very greedy. hehe.

Friday will be my last day in FOL for 4years. leaving me good n bad memories. Wanted a better change. But meanwhile will be going for my holiday 1st. I know both hubby n i will miss zaccheus so badly. But with mil looking after him we got no worry. Thanks MIL so much. she been such a great helper since zaccheus is born. keke.


Lilypie First Birthday tickers 一份簡單的幸福.從你不放開我的手開始..

.Friday, December 10, 2010 ' 4:39 PM Y
*Clap clap* Today bath zaccheus without mummy around. But i ask daddy to watch me bath incase i need help. haha. Really need to move back home soon. but so many worries. Worry i cannot handle him well without daddy n mummy around. haiz~ But still i gonna try and try my best.

he's my everything after hubby. keke

This year birthday was abit different because we have zaccheus around. =)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY! Zaccheus and i will always love you~!

妈咪跟我说我还不习惯所以会这么想, 我在慢慢的习惯中~ 他是我新的梦想



Lilypie First Birthday tickers 一份簡單的幸福.從你不放開我的手開始..

.Thursday, November 25, 2010 ' 7:45 PM Y
Our little Prince turn ONE MONTH today


Lilypie First Birthday tickers 一份簡單的幸福.從你不放開我的手開始..

.Wednesday, November 17, 2010 ' 2:54 PM Y
Mummy & Daddy love you to bits

He such a cutie. have so many expression while hubby is talking to him. =) He love to smile.

Gonna move back to our love nest during dec. Daddy bu she de zaccheus. keke. he ask me to come back home every sat to stay overnight.

I realise handle a kid is not easy. sleepless night and all lifestyle have change. Now going anywhere have to think of him . But seeing him growing health everyday make everything worth it. =) i'm glad hubby help me whenever he's not working.

Yipee~4 more day to baby zaccheus full month


Lilypie First Birthday tickers 一份簡單的幸福.從你不放開我的手開始..

.Thursday, November 04, 2010 ' 6:56 PM Y
*Our product of love*

Baby Zaccheus have arrive to this world on 25 October 2010.

Baby are indeed bundle of joy~

Hubby are my greatest support. He did not even have a chance to rest after Dr lee came to break my water bag. help me with the laughing gas. When my contraction pain become worse he keep sayang me and kiss me to encourage me. I think that how i go thru without the epidural. Heart him~ =)

Hubby cry so hard when he saw me crying while calling mommy n daddy. i asked him y u cry and he reply me wif something sweet. *touched* Everytime think back of the labour process i just cant help to tears! I know i'm not suppose to cry during confinment but whenever i saw baby and think of the process just cant help. so emotional!

All e pain worth it for hubby and our little prince. Our next stage of life have just started. Working hard toward for our little prince. with a new member around life will not be the same again. But all are worthwhile!

Today mark down 10day of my confinment and zaccheus is 11days old. Cant wait for confinment to end soon. I need to wash my hair!

Thanks dearie frens for the hamper send to my house and those who came to visit us. All the tonic and angbao. *heart warming*

Finally i have try to feed him. did not carry or feed him after he is born due to my wound. Now wound more or less recover le. He such a cutie always cannot wait to be feed.

*thanks god for this two lovely gifts!*


Lilypie First Birthday tickers 一份簡單的幸福.從你不放開我的手開始..

.Friday, October 15, 2010 ' 2:33 PM Y

I feel so fortunate to have a family who think and understand us! thanks mummy so much. she did so much for me! make my whole pregnancy without stress and worry! mummy the best. love her to bits =)
I'm so touched with all the encouragement by u gals... i'm ready and look forward! hehe. with all your encouragement will help me be brave! hees. i know u gals are as excited as me! standby ur fone. keke.
Recently tummy will feel uncomfortable like coming menses( i think is contraction but not real de) after awhile it goes off le. Heard from frens that tis is normal especially when near to edd. So excited!~


Lilypie First Birthday tickers 一份簡單的幸福.從你不放開我的手開始..



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